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Mrs. MALATHI N.K. (Msc. M.Ed)

“ Education  is  not  mere  teaching . It   is  the process of  building  Confidence to  face  challenges  of  the  future.”

Dear  All,

Success  comes  to those who work  hard  and  stays  with  those who  don’t  rest  on  past  laurels. Our  esteemed St. Philomena’s   English School (KA -077), Vidyaranyapura,  providing   educational  services to  the  society from past  3 decades focus  on  complete  development  of  students  co –scholastic  activities  as  suggested  by CISCE ,  New Delhi .

At  St.Philomena’s we  are  committed  to  fostering  a  nurturing  learning environment   where  each  student   is encouraged  to    explore  their  potential  and  develop into  responsible  compassionate  individuals. Our  dedicated  team  of  educators  strives  to  provide  an  enriching  academic  experiences  that  goes  beyond  the class room. Our  esteemed  institution is  an  amalgamation  of  experienced  trained and  competent   teachers. State  of  the art  infrastructure, an experienced  and  efficient  management , safe  and  supportive  environment  co-operative and  collaborative  parent  fraternity  for  our students  to  provide  a perfect  balance  in Academics, sports  ,artistic  and  social opportunities.

Thank  you  for  being  part of  the  Philomena’s  family , where we  believe in  empowering  minds  and  shaping  futures.


Warm   regards ,

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